Your First Orthodontic Visit: What to Expect

Your First Visit to North Durham Orthodontics: What to Expect

Even as young as 7, children are usually ready for their first visit to an orthodontist – even to just assess their oral health and check for potential problems that are much easier to fix when caught early.

Whether your child is preparing for their first orthodontic appointment, or if you’re looking forward to one yourself, a little information can go a long way in helping you feel confident and ready for your smile journey.

So, what should you expect during that initial appointment?

Most importantly, think of your visit – which generally lasts one hour – as a time to get acquainted with the office, orthodontist, and the staff. You’ll likely be interacting with them for several weeks or months, so it’s important to feel comfortable in that environment.

Dr. Gina Lee’s primary purpose during the first visit is to identify issues with your teeth or mouth, determine if an orthodontic treatment is necessary, and decide if now is the right time to start it. Most appointments also include a thorough clinical examination and diagnostic data collection through photographs and x-rays. Sometimes the orthodontist will also take alginate impressions to make casts or molds of your teeth and gums, which are then used to determine the best, individualized treatment plan for you.Dr. Lee

Be prepared to have a conversation with the orthodontist – to answer some basic questions and ask them yourself. Common points for discussion include recommended treatments or appliances, such as braces, expanders or retainers; types of braces; the timeline for the treatment process, including anticipated frequency of appointments; and the estimated cost, financing options, and payment plans. The goal of this consultation is to help you understand the orthodontist’s assessment of your teeth and how to best correct it, so don’t hesitate to ask for details or voice concerns. It is also equally important for the orthodontist to understand your goals and concerns for orthodontic treatment.

Once you feel comfortable about the treatment plan Dr. Lee has outlined for you or your child, you can schedule an appointment to get appliances placed or take the next step toward correcting the identified issue.

Ready to meet your orthodontist? Contact Dr. Gina Lee at North Durham Orthodontics in Durham to find out what treatment can help you achieve the smile you desire to maintain your oral health.

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